DAY #40

The puppies had their second field trip outside, and they had so much fun exploring and tasting snow, and running in and out of the entry way.

The hot spot today was in between the flower pots. They developed a mean game of hide-and-seek.

When they were ready for a nap they were ready for a nap, and have been so content all evening.

They are chewing on goat bones right now and I am soon to get their dinner ready.

Someone wanted to know if Mama Beetz eats with the puppies. No, no she does not. While she is sharing toys and sharing chew items, and amazingly tolerant and patient with her puppies, a bowl of food or a raw bone would be something very different. Most mama dogs have super clear boundaries when it comes to their food bowl, or a high value resource. I would not expect sharing in that case, and I do not tempt it either.

And I just started a PUPPY recall and it is so fun to see the puppies trying to move in my direction.

#3 – female – she captured the heart of our visitor last night

Mama playing tag with her pups

hide n’ seek

I spy with my little eye …

One Comment Add yours

  1. Teresa Tanner says:

    #3 has such an adorable essence.

    Will you be giving them all names?


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