DAY #44 & #45

The older they get the more time I spend with everything, so some of the days will be combined.

Man oh man – they were on a bender this morning.

They woke up with a vengeance of some sort, and were just wild. Lashing out, gripping on to everything, not being kind to their mama, and there was no calming them.

Welcome to growth spurts.

Yesterday they were calm, sleepy, not super hungry, and for the most part super easy to be around.

Today it is the opposite – super hungry, super energetic, super needy of space, wanting their mama more often, wanting to move a whole bunch, and more super hungry.

#2 male new owners came over for an outdoor visit today – the weather is damn near perfect. Snow on the ground, bluebird sky, sunny, and no wind. And to sit outside while the pups ran around was just a joy.

As for food, their tastes have changed. They are loving lamb, beef, and our goat a whole bunch, and want nothing to do with fish, or turkey. It is so interesting how quickly that changes. I would say our DIY goat food from our goat meat is hands down the winner, but beef, they snarf that down super fast as well. They still dive into our ground whole chicken, but aren’t keen on the commercial raw chicken food.

When puppies are released at this age, right around 45-49 days, which is traditional in the hunting world, this, this very behavior is what you bring home. This is the developmental phase of big, bitty, pushy, and difficult, that is brought home. In two more weeks, there should be a slight bit more reasonable behavior. Mom will be teaching them, they will be teaching each other, and I will be giving them resources to help them with more movement, and more ability to use their mouths appropriately.

It is nap time, doing chores, cooking, cleaning, and catching up on things. I have a feeling it is going to be a super busy evening.

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