Our 2018 VALENTINES LITTER just celebrated their 5th birthday. Thank you Rhumb Line for these amazing dogs.

Here is a little update

#1 – Mama Beetz – well you all know what she has been up to, raising her pups. She is an extraordinary mother, and I have fallen in love with her all over again.

#2 – Massimo – he is a monkeys Uncle now, to seven little ones. He is protective of them, isn’t to sure about letting people in the house he doesn’t know, and will lay on the kennel room bed with Mama Beetz to watch over the pups. Super hard worker, loves to do chores, and loves her girl!

#3 – SKYE – Skye got a puppy for her birthday, well kind of but a bit early. Welcome her new little companion Nova. Skye is super active with skiing, agility, fetch, hiking, and snuggling at home.

#4 – JILLY –

I sound like a broken record but I can’t believe that all the pups are 5!

• Jilly just received her Novice Treibball title with NATE.
• She had snow for her birthday.
• A cupcake too
Jilly has been enjoying life out in the country here in Beavercreek OR. Playing fetch and just running around. The beach is still a favorite place for all of us. We added a bird (cockatiel) to the family and I was sure Jilly was going to eat him, but now she could care less and he flies all over the house from perch to perch.

We have a new trainer/neighbor that is going to be doing herding and were waiting on the sheep I hope to share some video of Jilly doing what she was bred for….my little race car.

I hope everyone else is doing well and living a great life. Nothing but wags and always so thankful for the most wonderful puppy. Lisa and Jilly

#5 – CUSCO – We haven’t heard about him for a few years. We send our love and hope that he is living a wonderful and full life up north in Fairbanks, we think about him often.

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