DAY #52 & #53

The puppies are now running, striding out, using their left side separate from their right side, and gaining more puppy coordination. They are still tumblers for sure, but more and more coordination to be sure.

Their eyesight is slightly better as well, I saw two puppies tracking leaves across the yard, and one watching morning doves at our neighbors bird feeder. Eyesight is generally not totally clear until around 13 weeks of age, but week by week you can see it mature if you are watching.

They are starting to gain more control of their paws and jaws, and use with intention now. Are they teething and does it hurt? Yes 100%. I get to see my own blood on the daily, but less and less each day.

They have carrots, sweet potatoes, freeze dried fish skins, freeze dried duck heads, and raw necks to chew on, plus bully sticks, plus trachea. But human flesh is also a favorite right now.

This morning we went outside earlier than normal because there is a storm cycle coming with some subzero temperatures. It was their first windy day outside, and it was windy, the kind of cold wind that initially takes your breath away. They weren’t too sure about running around in it, but them decided running around was super fun.

It is important for young dogs to experience weather, all types, as long as it is safe. After all working dogs work in all weather, hikers hike in all kinds of weather, so weather should be normal, it just happens. Will I be taking them out in the subzero temperatures? No. That would be considered not safe for such young puppies.

Their first Fear Phase/Stage starts fully in about three days. This one is almost right on the mark of eight weeks. Puppies #1 and #3 are showing the first signs of this stage as of today, just slightly, but a reminder it is coming on. It doesn’t last long, a few days to a week has been my experience. But it is that part of development where they have a realization of a world outside of their mother, and weaning is coming, and other things are to come.

Someone asked if I am going to keep a puppy and if I have already separated that puppy to be with me? Yes I am keeping a puppy, and no all of the puppies are still together, and still nursing, and still doing communal litter behavior, which is best for development. All of the puppies get my full attention, my love, and my care. As it should be.

We had the last of our visitors yesterday. No more until the day they are picked up to go home. This final week and a half will be busy. These puppies will grow much bigger, their appetites alongside of them. They will want to start learning skills, and figuring things out. I will be taking them outside multiple times per day, start crating them for nap times, and more driving around country roads. And, while it is good the puppies have experienced so many wonderful people already, I need time with them just for me.

These border collie nuggets have already gone through a bit over 4 pounds of food today and we haven’t even gotten to dinner. They are eating, sleeping, and growing like crazy.

Enjoy –

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  1. Kristy Bly says:

    This was my favorite video of all you have shared! Thank you for taking us on this journey.

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