DAY #54

Well you will see in the video, Mama Beetz has been teaching super good canine social skills to her pups. She is having to growl less over food items, and they are learning to respect each other with objects (puppy respect anyway), and to use their own little self control.

Fish skins after breakfast are a big hit!

These are lessons only the mama dog can teach, and they are invaluable.

She is still nursing the whole gang, although a couple just aren’t super interested every time she walks in, and then sometimes she just wants to hang with them, chew on things, maybe play, and won’t let them nurse. I believe she has started the weaning process, which is about right on time.

Mama Beetz’ mother weaned her pups fully at 9.5 weeks. I think Mama Beetz is going to do it a bit sooner.

You will hear a little barker, we have two now that have found their voices. One, or rather #1 male is my only howler so far. Howling runs true to this line, so I would imagine the others will pick up on that soon enough.

Before 8am I had 4 loads of laundry washed and dried, and now I am starting on round two. We have been quite busy since 5:30am – cleaning, feeding, playing, and just a wee bit of napping. But we do have a storm system moving in and low pressure systems change behaviors, most notable in young mammals. They are sensitive to these changes.

Off to feed goats, ducks, and quail – Have a great day

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