DAY #56

Happy 8 weeks!

We started with a -15° morning, and the gusting winds. It kind of hit the 8 week old mark perfectly – rock n’ roll!

The puppies had their first Health Exam – My veterinarian came to my home for two hours, observed the puppies together with their group dynamics, and then examined each one individually. They also all had their first chiropractic adjustment, and got to tootle around the forbidden land area outside of their romper room, they thought this visit was super duper cool!

She loved their temperament and their structure, especially their wide hip set and sturdiness in stride. Sweet and sturdy where the two words that kept coming up over and over. And she loved that all of them love to be held and love to eye gaze, all of them.

It was a great appointment all the way around.

We are just six days now from the pups going to their new homes.

Each puppy, as part of my program, goes home with –

  • My E-book Collection
  • SBBC Resource and Information Booklet on all things Border Collie, Natural Rearing, and raising a puppy
  • Trupanian Insurance – enrollment in the Breeder Support Program, one month free
  • Health Exam, Chiropractic adjustment
  • 6lbs raw food
  • Steves RFD
  • RFD green tripe
  • Several Toys
  • Bullystick
  • Honest Kitchen Biscuits

For the 8 week mark I bought them a new bed, and tossed in a bunch of raw turkey necks, needless to say, it has been a bit of a party in there today!

Tonight will be their final nail trim before they go to their new homes.

My son came over to celebrate with them. Visiting a litter of pups at this age is
not really ‘yummy and cozy’ it is more like a game of survival !

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