RHUMB LINE – Born April 23, 2015

ABCA #420294

CEA – normal/clear
MDR1 – normal/clear

owned by Nancy Tanner, Montana

Slate-Tri, 32 pounds, prick ear, light/medium rough coat

Balanced temperament, biddable, versatile, physically sound, persistence and resilience in work (grit), affectionate, super sweet, and spicy fun! She has been raised with a tremendous amount of love, which counts for a lot.

Rhumb Line is our foundation female and has been raw fed since she was weaned (species appropriate). She is now second generation raw fed.

Rhumb has been minimally vaccinated to ensure a healthy immune system that is adaptable with new environments/changes –

  1. 1- DPv
  2. Rabies
  3. TITER

RHUMB’S VIDEO PLAYLIST – 8 weeks of age to present (100 and counting)


RHUMB’S VIDEO – working our young goats

HERITAGE VIDEO – Rhumb’s dad, Glen, herding Icelandic yearlings

HERITAGE VIDEO – Rhumbs parents herding

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