Sexy Beast Border Collies is located in Montana, and all of our Border Collies are ABCA registered. We offer limited and selective breeding, and are focusing on balanced healthy temperaments, physical prowess, biddability, versatility, and quality dogs for those that are looking for working or performance lines.

We support Natural Puppy Rearing practices for optimally healthy dogs –

  1. fresh air
  2. sunshine
  3. access to work – mental and physical well-being
  4. access to home – love, emotional stability, social balance, nurturing
  5. species appropriate nutrition – raw diet
  6. balance in the home and work environment

Our lines originate from both – Aled Owen (Wales) and Barb Gunness (USA) – and are great examples of a classic ‘hard eye’ sheep Border Collie.

Nancy Tanner is the founding owner of Sexy Beast Border Collies, and is a certified professional dog trainer, specializing in puppy development for over sixteen years, dog sport competitor, internationally known trainer/speaker, Award Winning Writer, and has appeared on the Martha Stewart Show.



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