DAY #62

Our puppies started to leave for their new homes at 4:45am today.

Woke up, fed, played, potty time, last nursing from Mama Beetz, snuggles and off they went.

By 9am our house is now down to 3 puppies – #3, #4, and #5. Things are kind of quiet around here, there is a quiet that is just slightly too quiet. I remember this from our past litters as well.

#3 I will be co-owning for the first year and sharing in training for ranch work and mountain adventures.

#4 my new little boy Giovani will be learning the ropes from me, his mama, and his Uncle Massimo.

#5 will be staying with me for a couple of weeks longer, and then we drive her half way to Arizona.

They are all going to working and performance homes – they will live a life of heritage, natural rearing, and be loved by their new families.

#1 – Bennett – South Dakota

#2 – Angus – Montana / Bozeman

#3 – Roxanne – Montana / Big Timber

#4 – Giovani – Montana / my home

#5 – TBD – Arizona

#6 – Sally Mae – Montana & Arizona

#7 – Freydis – South Dakota

These pups are the real deal. Border Collies from working lines that have been bred with care for generations to have a smooth and balanced temperament, biddable, sound, and sweet.

It is now time for them to start living their bigger lives in their new homes, and to take off and fly!

John and his new ranch/ride-a-long dog Angus

Bennett and #7 enjoying the chauffeured ride to South Dakota this morning!

Piper and Roxanne

Kathy & Bennett

Adam and Sally Mae

Rachelle’s puppy #7 (soon to be named)

Tess & Bob’s puppy #5 (soon to be named) and our first puppy to be photogrpahed

My new little boy – Giovani

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  1. Kristy Bly says:

    Beautiful work Nancy! How’s Mama Beetz doing with the departures? And how are the few left behind adjusting? I really enjoy these daily updates; thanks. You are an amazing person and dog whisperer!!


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