Day #4 – News from the whelping box

A night circus of sorts, yes they are my new little circus performers, all night long, opera was far too polite. Their little schedules are totally flipped right now, which isn’t uncommon, I am pretty sure my babies were that way as well.

They nurse and sleep all day, and when the lights go out, they prepare for their all night performance!

To be honest, I didn’t plan on getting much sleep the first week or two, and I would rather wake to chirps, whistles, and puppy noises than anything else. You can’t help but roll over and smile, watch for a bit, wish them well for their next performance, and hope their tummies get nice and fat from nursing, and they fall into a bit of a milk drunk stupor, even if only for a bit.

There is pigment coming in around the noses and mouths, ear positions are changing, and claws are growing. It is all good.

We are starting to receive serious inquiries from all over the USA, and as far north as Fairbanks. If you are interested please CONTACT US – we would love to talk with you. One puppy has for sure been claimed, the other puppies I am in the process of meeting, greeting, and talking to potential people.

I never knew I would love spending this much time in the whelping box, in fact it feels like a reprieve from the world I live in. A place where only good things happen, where there is an abundance of love and hope, and where it is just so tender and sweet. I guess if you are looking for me, that is where you will find me for the next little while – Nancy

Click on a photo and then it will enlarge and you can scroll through with ease!

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