Day #12 – Do you see what I see

I was away and working in our puppy play groups and classes for about 8 hours today while my husband did his Sunday Mr. Mom duties at home.

Apparently the puppies decided to do some power growing today, and when I went in to say a quick hello, well I was greeted with bigger chunkier puppies and ten baby blues that were scoping out their new world.

Rhumb is trying to accommodate her growing lively crew, as each nursing is turning into an acrobatic event in all ways. She is more patient than I would have imagined.

With a grateful heart, Nancy

Click on a photo to enlarge, and then you can scroll through with ease!

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  1. Joe Fisher says:

    Love, Love, Love the pictures and the captions.


  2. Stephanie J Collingsworth says:

    GASP. I cannot wait to road trip with my friend Lisa to meet these little beauties!

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