Day #28 – 4 weeks on the planet!

The whelping box has been disassembled and put away for a good long while.

The nursery area in our family room is the hot bed of activity. Running around their little hut, squeezing squeaky toys, crawling into boxes, walking through little tunnels, and naps next to the fireplace.

Their life is good!

We introduced food on March 9th, 24 days old. A 3x ground whole raw chicken with bone, mixed with filtered water to create a slurry of sorts. They didn’t have to think twice, they dove in, paws, bellies, mouths, back paws and tails.

Every day we have added one more smaller feeding time, and as of today we are up to five small meals a day, about a tablespoon each, and we will start varying the protein sources as of today, and adding raw green tripe and raw goats milk. The most important thing right now is that they nurse as often as Rhumb allows, and that we introduce good balanced raw food, that doesn’t have a lot of extra ingredients.

Raw meaty bones come out this afternoon. Prepare for awesomeness!

We have a new play/day area they will be moving into at the end of this week. We use to call this space our dining room, but rarely used it, so we cleared it out, added some mats, and are x-penning it all over the next couple of days.

Mother Nature is gifting us with good warm (mid 40’s) weather in the middle of the afternoon, so we are doing field trips to the back deck for some sunshine, Vitamin D, and fresh air.

I am starting to have visitors come over, about every other day, to sit in the pen and love on the puppies. It is for sure more sleep time than active time, but it is good for the puppies to smell new people and hear new voices.

Someone recently asked if there is a difference between the male and female puppies at this age. Yes, yes there is. All of these puppies are forward friendly, but as with almost all mammals, the females tend to have more opinions, they have more to say, and they get so excited with the possibilities of anything new or different, and they love, love, love to be fawned over, loved on, held, or kissed. The male puppies, have less to say, ask fewer questions, watch and observe, they play with gusto, and don’t have any opinions unless they need too, and when they finally get your attention they absorb it 100%, a deep kind of quiet love that melts on you like butter. So both equally awesome. Nancy

Click on any photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease. These photos are from DAY #27.



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