DAY # 47 – Happy Easter

The Sexy Beasts are taking a wee little rest right now so I can do house chores, office work, laundry, and write for a few minutes.

The full moon and growing pains had us up every hour on the hour last night. They are definitely like their Mama in that regard. When she was a young puppy, every full moon she was up and restless, hungry, and just awake in general.

So sleepless but laughing hard at all of their new antics, games, behaviors, and knowingness about their world.

We have to be extra careful about their enclosure. They have figured out how to get out and run around the upstairs like THING 1 and THING 2, all the way through THING 5, causing mischief, wreaking havoc, and putting everything into their mouths. We must look like we are herding feathers as they are nearly impossible to get back into their enclosure. Dr. Seuss must have raised puppies before writing that book. It’s kind of like they run and scream ‘F-R-E-E-D-O-M’ around the house and it isn’t hard to laugh and completely enjoy those moments, because as is everything with puppies, this to shall pass.

Have a Happy Easter – it is about 14 days until the puppies start to leave for their new homes, oh time, how tricky you are. Nancy


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  1. Jan Van Patten says:

    Can’t believe they have grown up so fast! They are perfectly adorable, thanks for sharing them with us!


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