Day #49 – WOOP!

It was a busy morning of cleaning, playing, snuggling, and cleaning some more.

Rhumb is looking healthier and healthier which tells me she may not be producing as much milk, even though she still wants her pups to nurse, and nurse they do but not for very long any more.

She is engaging the puppies in play games and wild antics and really enjoys that, and is such a patient Mama, gentle re-directs, creating new space, and teaching, she is always teaching.

We headed out for a care ride, the best yet, everyone settled in within the first mile or so. Highway, dirt road, cattle guards, stopped for one errand, and everyone remained in deep slumber for the full one and half hour adventure. They amaze me!

We went to the gym and they did run around for a bit, bit my energy and my adult dogs energy was not the right fit for five scampering pups, so we cut it short.

We are celebrating today with freeze dried raw turkey necks and wings, life is awesome and so are the teething mouths that are every present.

So the 49 DAY MARK – this is a big deal for many reasons. Lots of people, me included, that have been testing puppies for breeders use the 49 DAY MARK as the day to begin testing, really any time between 49-58 days. Fifteen years ago I went by this criteria, it was the standard, that on this day in time puppies went from the genetic instincts they had been operating with, to learning from their environment. So to test on this mark meant you were seeing the purest form of the puppy, for baseline temperament.

I think testing a puppy from 49 days and forward is a good thing, you can for sure help a breeder match a puppy to a potential owner with as much of the right fit as possible, or even find the right working household for the right puppy. And you can let the breeder know which pup to keep back for their breeding program, or to hold a bit longer and allow to mature a bit longer. It is pretty accurate.

But watching my Sexy Beasts I can tell you they are learning each and everyday and are influenced by their environment, the people in it, and what their Mama is teaching them. There is no PURE form.

Also on the 49 DAY MARK many hunt line breeders send their puppies home with their new owners as they believe it is the only way to truly bond. Some go as far as saying that on this day in time, when you take your puppy home you should spit in their mouth so they imprint to you. This, this is what makes a good dog and a well bonded Team. I love old wives tales, more than you know, but I love them even more when big burly men stand around and share them as fact, you cannot wipe the smile off of my face.

The reality is, when a puppy goes home at seven weeks of age you are purchasing a cute little furry monster, puppy breath and all, but you will also get a mouthier puppy, slightly more vocal, and way more restless. Why? Because from 5-9 weeks of age, if a puppy is left with their litter and mother, the amount of canine social skills that are learned are unparalleled to anything we can possibly offer. They are learning frustration tolerance, bite inhibition, sharing, play, settle, games, caring, nurturing, and how to be social in an appropriate way.

If a pup is pulled early will they eventually even out with mouthiness, vocalizations, and the restless frenetic behavior? Yes, I have seen it smooth out right about 18 months or so, if the household was structured, managed, and understood what was happening.

My Sexy Beasts have another 13 days with me. I am grateful.

#1 – Mama Beetz is smart, keen as a bean, and a puzzle solver. Or maybe a scamp. There is no gating or fence that can hold her in, she finds a way! She is the litter Mama who cleans all of her littermates, checks in on each one, bosses them around, and then breaks free to cause all kinds of mischief, very reminiscent of her Mama.

#2 – Massimo – is quiet, sweet, loves his littermates, loves to be loved and love back, and still prefers to share his dining experiences, he is not a solo diner. He is going to mature late, much like Uncle Story.

#3 – Skye is fun, fast, a worker, and loves to stretch her legs. Still first on the playground and last off. But man when she is tired she will fly up onto your chest, crawl inside your sweater or coat, burrow deep, and sleep hard. A super snuggler.

#4 – Seiche is growing some serious super model legs. This girl is going to be fast, have power, and a great work intensity. She is Ms. Business. This week she has become super snuggley and looks for my lap first. She loves to snuggle up to my cheek and press in if she is uncertain about anything.

#5 – Pork Chop remains our Baby Elephant. It is so hard to believe that this chunk is Rhumbs son. He is big, lunky, super social, a sense of humor, but super tender if he doesn’t understand something. A Baby Hewie of sorts, which adds to his ginormous charm.

So anyway, here is the the 49 DAY MARK – we made it. Nancy

Click on any photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.


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