DAY #2

All seven puppies are super healthy, vigorous, and content.

If I say that every time someone asks me ‘how are the pups doing?’ it is because this is overwhelmingly the feeling when I check in with them. And also because not all litters have this dynamic.

Mama Beetz is super maternal, super calm, and very attentive.

All puppies are getting their nice little milk fat bellies, they are shiny and vibrant looking, and two of the bigger males are already getting ink on the nose (this is pigment filling in).

The final three females that came as a surprise, and one appeared each time I left the room to wash the bedding, wash my hands, etc – we can now tell apart, and that is just in one day of growth.

Mama Beetz appetite is coming back, I would imagine with the past three weeks of growing seven pups inside and having no room for food, that it has to feel awesome to fill her belly with nourishing food. She is still craving liver, and not just a little but a lot. That is pretty much all she would eat the last week of pregnancy. And it makes sense, nutrient dense, easy to digest, nourishing to everyone.

Right now we are offering her our raw blend, commercial raw, and some honest kitchen clusters which is a lightly dehydrated complete meal cluster. We just need her to eat so she is being offered a variety.

She is also drinking about 1.5 cups of our Sunny’s raw goats milk fresh and warm right from Sunny.

Mama Beetz is still nesting quite a bit and I woke up in the middle of the night with all of the bedding in the whelping box in a perfect little birds nest shape and all seven pups tucked in perfectly, and Mama Beetz crashed out next to them. It is perfect and as nature intended.

Waking up to little chirps, and yodels, and gulping milking nursing sounds is so perfect, I don’t know that there is anything more perfect.


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  1. Vickie Edleman says:

    Beautiful! Congrats Mama Beetz and the whole family!


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