DAY #57 & #58

We had three days of way to cold weather, especially for young pups. So three days inside, romping around, expanding their pen, was okay – but today with 18°, sunshine, snow and more space – man oh man did they have fun. An airing out of sorts.

My son and I took then for about an hour and half drive, they did well, although I know they wanted more outside time, it did start to get a bit too chilly.

More ink is coming in on the noses – some are filled in already, some getting close. All of them will have solid black noses by about 12 months for sure, probably sooner.

Now is the time in development where a litter starts to establish litter order. There will be a bit more posturing, more rules with each other, as they pull away from their mama, and enter into a world that is slightly separate.

Mama Beetz is still nursing them, but minimally. She is LOVING the play and wants to spend time in the romper room with them for sure. Outside where she can gather a bunch of speed, her play is a bit too big for the pups, they like their Mama stationary.

Massimo, well he is such a good Uncle. He 100% for sure does not want the puppies in his space, and he is good about it, he will walk away. When the puppies jump on the romper room fencing to greet him, he turns away, it is too much for him. But he also wants to be close to them and watch over them. When we went for our drive today he laid by the crates with Mama Beetz and it helped calm the pups when we started the drive for sure. He then walked with us while we carried each puppy into the house and back into the romper room.

Their poop is starting to change scent now that they are nursing less. It is all about maturing for sure. I am adding a bit more goat milk to their food, and they are appreciating that.

DIY or COMMERCIAL RAW – well they will eat the commercial raw, but they love my DIY, and DIY mixed with commercial.

Recalls – yes yes yes – during this cold snap I would go to one end of the kennel room and call them and they would race over, and I would spray rewards on the floor, and we did this back and forth for about 5 minutes each day, maybe twice a day. So super fun, and truth be told, they love it.

3 more days until these pups go to their new homes.

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