DAY #70

Life is taking off … in three different directions.

Mama Beetz lays on the giant pillow in the kennel room and her pups lay around her and they all chew on trachea, or duck necks, or some other body part. She will clean her pups and still check them out, mouth wrestle a bit, but nursing is a hard NO now.

Watching this beautiful and generous mama dog relax with her pups, and her pups absolutely adore her makes my heart swoon. I can lay on the bed and just watch, and everything else in the world fades away. It is my own perfect to witness for sure.

The pups have now moved to the entry way and front patio. It is indoor outdoor during the day, and way better for potty training. Since the pups love their crates, and this entry way is yummy warm during the day, they have been there while I do chores, teach classes, or just their nap times. In the morning I will open the door to the patio and they love to lay on the carpet out there and chew on things. Mama Beetz was out there with them today just hanging in the sunshine.

If it is warm enough where the ice has softened a bit, I open the patio gate and then they have the front yard. We have greeted our delivery man, the UPS man, and few friends and neighbors.

At night it is still cool enough that the entry way is just a bit too cool for sleeping, so they come back to the romper room, which is really just a fenced small area now with one giant crate and no more mats, just carpet.

They do love their run abouts in the kennel room before bed time, just charging and playing in all directions.

And diarrhea, yes lots of it for two days, one night it was about every hour. I started my protocol to help an upset tummy, but was wondering what caused it. Then I noticed this perfect thawing mud spot between my garden stone with rotting leaves and bits of plant matter, and they had been making it their job to dog as deep as possible and eat as much as possible. Their digestive systems are almost smoothed out again, I put sand in the hole, but as their new little world thaws I would imagine we will have more of that for sure. Exploring the world with paws and jaws is awesome to see but there can be lots of night time clean up as well!

So much change as we move forward!!!

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