DAY #71

Well taking a puppy for a walk is more preparation than it is action.

With three you have to have help, truth!

Getting the puppies in harnesses, gathering rewards, passing each puppy to the appropriate person, and then off you go for a gloriously short micro walk. We went three houses down our street and three houses back. Two trucks passed that we had to pull over for, other than that, it was just a super cool puppy parade!

Kaya is a super talented performance dog owner, and has great handling skill, and and and she is home from college on spring break so she came over to help me take my little moving circus down the street.

It was totally adorable.

The pups are happily sleeping in their crates in the entryway, that was a big adventure and field trip for sure. While the distance was not much, it was all new. The sights, sounds, and their new harnesses we purchased the other day.

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