Well this is the last post for a good long while on this litter. I’ll be posting when this crew turns 1 year old!

If you are new to these posts you can look back over the past 10 weeks to see all of the information and what it takes to whelp and raise a litter. I hope you find this helpful.

My puppy people have this to look back on for information but they all also received information the length of the bible – for training, puppy raising, nutrition, and future work.

All of the puppies have now reached their forever homes, they are all starting to live their larger lives with new experiences, and it is time for me to step out of my role as breeder and puppy raiser, and into the role of puppy owner and all that that entails.

My daughter who owns Roxanne will be raising her puppy with ours and visa versa. This is exciting for me for many reasons.

After driving Charlee to her new family this past weekend, it felt so right to have all of the pups in their new homes.

#1 – Bennett is in SD

#2 – Angus is in MT

#3 – Roxanne is in MT

#4 – Giovoni is in MT

#5 – Charlee is in AZ

#6 – Sally Mae is in MT

#7 – Freydis is in SD

Mama Beetz is now officially dry, she is loosing her coat, and her appetite has dropped by about 3/4. She loves to hang with the two pups that are now part of our family, but is also loving getting back into her working shape.

And as is what happens after a female dog whelps a litter, there is a new maturity, a new calm, a mama dog with new eyes on the world. It is a developmental stage that so many people never get to experience, and to me it is the side of the female that allows them to grow into themselves in some way. A full circle. Mama Beetz is definitely my same sweet hard working dog, with a new deep calm, and almost a sense that feels formidable.

One of our new families has started a puppy group so everyone can share photos and stories. That will be fun.

To our puppies and people – enjoy your beautiful, and working lives together!

Charlee in her new home with her new family in AZ.

Piper practicing walking in the pasture with Roxanne and Giovoni

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