Day #59 – Kazonkered Beasts

I think it could be that they are growing, possibly the storm that dropped 22″ inches of spring snow in the mountains last night, a midnight session of running and playing at the gym, or maybe that our house is toasty marshmallow warm right now, but these Beasts are tired.

They roused and pottied around 6am and fell back into their beds almost immediately, not a single whimper for their morning meal yet.

I think laying in a comfy bed, next to the fireplace, on a snowy windy day would not suck to hard, if I am being honest.

All of the pink noses and lips are filling in slowly but surely, new ink appears almost daily. It seems as though the smaller ones like Skye and Seiche, filled in pretty quickly, and the larger ones are just now getting to that task. I love waking up to their new ‘nose art’ every morning.

The puppies will start to leave for their new homes in about four days. I am excited for their new lives in these awesome homes. From beaches to permafrost forests to rocky mountains, they will live some pretty awesome lives, and I will be excited to see them grow and thrive.


Click on a photo to enlarge and then you can scroll through with ease.

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