DAY #64 …and then there were two

Dawn Patrol – coffee, luggage, raw bone, and Pork Chop in hand and off we went to the airport.

Pork Chop has a big, new, and hopefully not to exciting day ahead of him as he travels to Fairbanks Alaska today. He is traveling in cabin with his new owner who we stocked up with bones, food, treats, toys, and a nice little crate with a cooling mat.

Out of all the Sexy Beasts, his journey will be the longest. So as I sit here and type and upload some videos, my thoughts and hopes are for a safe day, and an awesome life in the far north, he will actually have a reindeer, horse, and alpaca in his yard, along with a handful of other dogs, and a life of tracking that awaits him.

Seiche is settling in in her new home in Portland Oregon, and her new name is Jilly. Skye is settling in in the Paradise Valley in Montana and exploring her new 30 acres. Pork Chop is en-route, send awesome thoughts his way for this journey. My Sexy Beasts are now starting their new lives, and are out in the world to spread some magic, I am excited and looking forward to hearing about their experiences along the way.

Massimo and Mama Beetz are at their final destination, and that is with our family. These two had the most contracts signed (at least 3 each), and the most interest, and life kept changing for their potential new families. I am pretty sure the universe was keeping them with us for a reason, and it feels right, and so … reasons here we come!

I was asked a few questions over and over –

1 – Why did you start a Breeding Program? – I will be posting a series on this experience at my blog That will be from my selection of Rhumb, the sire, all the way through preparation, reproductive cycle, maternal care, whelping, and raising my Sexy Beasts.

2 – What if a puppy didn’t sell, what was your plan? Before we bred Rhumb, I was committed to keeping and raising every puppy I produced, that was my commitment to my puppies. And loving my dogs has never been a problem in our home. Every puppy as they were born was mine, heart and soul. So the families that now have our puppies, well they were selected with care, and our puppies went into hands that I trust for the life of each puppy. So there was never going to be a down side.

3 – Why didn’t you charge more for a Naturally Reared Litter? – This was my ‘learn by doing’ litter. I not only didn’t make money, I paid for the privilege of this very real education, in breeding, maternal care, whelping, neo-natal care, puppy development,  early socialization, of stepping into the world of breeding, and it worked out for everyone. I personally have no desire to be a breeder for profit, that is not my thing, I don’t want to make money off of another living beings life, but next time I breed, my purchase price will cover my expenses as a Naturally Rearing Breeder, with the quality of dogs that I am producing. Again this will be part of my series over at

4 – What was Rhumb really like as a mother? Everything I have posted is what she was really like. She was amazing 100% of the time, going from maiden to mother is not an easy transition for any female mammal, yet she did it and left me in awe most of the time. She is generous, loving, patient, nurturing, attentive, and also gave her puppies space to explore and learn about their new lives. She is ‘that’ dog.

Enjoy this video, Pork Chops new owner took these clips yesterday while we were playing in our gym – With Love, Nancy

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