DAY #14

Well, if nothing else goes right in my day, at least my new pups are peeing on the pads! BOOM!

Two weeks on this planet and they are already potty training themselves.

This is such a cool developmental marker.

Their new little eyes are actually searching things out in their environment, trying to head for them, and then taking a nap.

A bit more playing, maybe 3 second sessions, and it is like wrestling in slo-mo with no balance, I love it.

My one little pup that had such a strong nursing reflex is now allowing my to hold him and he is snuggling and napping on my neck.

My adult children come over everyday to visit with our dog and the puppies. It all feels so perfect.

We are getting serious offers coming in for the pups, as well as just looking type of conversations. I love meeting and talking with folks about dogs and our dogs specifically. So many great possibilities out there for our pups, so they can live their heritage.

Mama Beetz is in the office right now, sleeping behind me, taking a nice break. This afternoon she had a blend of OC RAW commercial duck complete food, our goats raw liver which she loves, our duck neck, and some of our goat fat, as well as a bowl of Sunny’s fresh raw goats milk with DE. She ate happily and hardily which always makes my heart sing. Between my daughter and Mama Beetz it is now hard to keep raw milk in my fridge, they both drink it down before I can get much of it.

Time for chores – and then a little walk-a-bout.

potty pad success in the whelping box

Potty Pad success on day #2

freshly nursed puppy with a milk fat belly.

Puppy – #3 female sleeping, nice and milk fat after a long nursing session

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